Posted by: foodtraveller | February 17, 2010

Its doesnt have Coffee (again??)

Zagu: Hazel Nut Cappucinno

Zagu, Quiapo

Just want to share my 2nd experience with Zagu, and thank logic I ordered for a smaller one (since my last experience). I ordered for a “hazelnut cappucino”. And there you go, from the word cappucino, it must have a taste (even a bit) of coffee. I am so excited to taste it. To my surprised it turned out its another not so coffee taste to me ~fake taste. It is actually more of a chocolate ice cream for me: the subtle version. The kids will love it but if you want coffee you will not enjoy it. I cant taste any of the cappucino. All my buds can recognized was a hint of sugar. I know what hazel nut taste but it ended that it is more taste than caramel than hazel nut. For a benefit of the doubt maybe I should say the crew placed a wrong powder mixture???? Since I didnt personally saw that he placed the right powder at the blender. geee… One more flavor of Zagu (MOCHA) and I’ll be done feeding my curiosity if Zagu taste like what ad will it achieve the taste of coffee even a little of it. Exploration especially in food wasnt wrong, atleast you can now say “now we know!”

*these are all my opinion. I nevr intend to say bad reputation against the owner or the establishment. It is just that I am looking for a great coffee place where I can have one and advice my reader where they can go too! I may be wrong, but this is just my point of view…

Thanks for reading everyone!!!



  1. I love coffee and I believe I’m a coffee addict. Recently have purchased a Burr Coffee Grinder. Burr Coffee Grinders definetely change your taste if you like gourmet coffees. I suggest to anyone who loves coffee like me. Greetings from LA

    • hi there! Thank you so much 🙂 *smiles from the Philippines ^_^*

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