Posted by: foodtraveller | February 28, 2010

When Urges Strikes

Starbucks, West

my husband wants NOT to post his picture since he was so UGLY (he told me, I didnt) I wonder why he allows himself to save the pics on our memory card? Maybe for *personal record?!

Around 1:30am my husband invited me for a coffee. I know why. oh talk. But why in the hell almost 2am? I know the following day will be his birthday but I wonder after drinking a cup (or so) how could we ever sleep? And then I just wore my long sleeves, retouch couple of tint on my pale face, didnt brush my hair, just combed it with my hair and call a cab! We visited the nearest coffee shop and its not literally near. Its about 30mins (or more since Im still sleepy) away from my home! From there we order the same combination, Espresso for me & a Green Tea Frap for him. After some chats and laughs, he told me to walk but we call a cab, continue talking and exchange ideas & worries … and solutions. Oh well, we ended up talking in the cab while sipping a cup of fraps! That’s new to me 🙂 We went home still sipping our grande! What a treat. Guess I didnt sleep that night while he was soundly sleeping because he was now relieved to whatever loneliness he feels. And so a coffee can really cleanse your soul, but please be reminded that a cup of coffee (or tea) is so great if you had your partner with you, smiling and listening. He listen to me too that night. I think coffee is better than midnight snack!

Thanks for reading guys!



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