Posted by: foodtraveller | June 8, 2010


Hello everyone.

I would like to state how I feel today. I’ve been harassed by my dreams and being stalked by my thoughts — this made me stronger and positive. One of the good things in my life ~ I always had coffee vice. I love to sip even a drop. But of course its not practical and expensive. My coffee vice will allow me to be energetic and uplifted. These past few days I restrain from having one, until I tried again the other day.. Im so sad for having a low E.Q. (*emotional quotient).

I just hope I can control myself. Too much is always bad. I need control. I just need control and that’s it. Coffee time again ♥

Thanks for being with me.



  1. hey whats your myspace page.

    • sorry I dont have one …

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