Posted by: foodtraveller | February 15, 2010

The Hearts Day

Happy Valentine’s Day readers!

What a happy day. My husband seldomly celebrate special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays etc. and Valentines day with us (work constratint EAST and WEST problems) that’s why this day is very important to me. 12AM of February 13 or should I say 14th? He gave a 3pcs pink rose. Well its not really a boquet that are expensive and precious, but I love it so much! He told me he gave me red and white before and this time its pink. Pink means I am so lovely (that’s the line he said)!

valentines day 2010

I gave her a mad look and smile and hug him. I like it. I dont know if its weird to keep it and preserved it. He gave me E71 cellphone from finland and I feel these roses are better than the cellphone!

this is how happy i am and oh so sorry that i hide my happy eyes, the sun kepts on hitting my sensitive eyes!

We eat out ~~~ with kids (my niece and my daughter), again enjoy our steak! We are the steak family. My husband wants asian so he ordered a lot of siomai and noodles ^_^* I bought a new book and the kids explore some ice cream flavors. We planned to try the spa for some fun massage and I feel like a queen. We also visited the gadget center and I dont know why. I love this day. I dont consider this as an ordinary Valentines day though this is just simple celebration.

At home we ordered some food thru phone. Pizza and some food with a lot of liquors to drink since my friend Darwin and my Sister and her BF with us to bond! What a night! What a feast. All we did was a great talk of OUR LOVE STORY!

What a love story!

close up: the 3 pink roses he gave me, I want to preserve it!

Happy reading everyone!
…. and thanks!


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