Posted by: foodtraveller | May 29, 2010

Chef Hat Graduation Chocolate Cake

I made this chef hat cake for a newly Chef. This is my second time I made chef cake hat. I already know the details and some tricks. Ive talked to my clients stating all the details I will add to the cake. Everything is edible. The celebrant find this cake amazing, but then again some were not. I know in this business you can never please every one no matter how good you are. I am so proud of this cake. I made my mind awake all the time thinking how can I be able to present this cake in such a classic and yummy way. I made the filling taste like ice cream and even put some white chocolate on it. I made this with full of love!

Congratulations Chef Trish!

--- my first chef hat cake ---

--- bottom cake 10\

--- painted it using sugar ---

--- taste like ice cream ---

--- white chocolate! ---

--- waiting to dry ---

…. those are the details!

Thanks for reading everyone!



  1. hi, miss mona, galing naman especially yung blue, nice nag pakaka design!!!

    • hello 🙂 thank you so much! ♥ feel free to browse and see my thoughts and some adventures (and feelings too ♥) thank you again 🙂

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