Posted by: foodtraveller | February 17, 2010

Massage your Soul, Heart, Mind and Body


I am reading my fave book while waiting for my husband's foot spa and I am done Facial Spa

Ive been Apple Seed’s client for almost 2 years now. Before Apple Seed Ive been clients of Let’s face it, Salon Salon, Flawless and some Facial and Derm Clinic that I forgot the name already! Aside from Let’s Face it and Flawless that Ive been liking their service, but due to location restrictions and travel constraint, I chose to find another Spa/Facial center where I can tell myself I really want to stay and be treated well, that is – APPLE SEED. A Japanese inspired Spa and Facial Center for Men and Woman. Background music as well as decors are all Japanese Inspired. As far as I know the owner/s are formerly worked at Japan.

hot towels for clients (warning: these are steaming hot!)

The place are well organized but they can have better I guess. The service was good though I am sure it would have been better (*if clients wont wait that long) if they can get additional personnels. As I heard they opened another branch at Sta. Lucia Mall that is why they lack people at this branch. Some of the clients have to wait for atleast an hour because no one will attend them.

short you need to wear because you have to be half naked!

They had about 8 rooms for Spa, Massage and Facial and 4 chairs for the Foot and Nail Spa. At the waiting are they have couch that 3 person can seat another soft sofa that can accomodate 2 person.

Hawaiian Massage: A massage that uses arms
Swedish Massage: A massage that uses hands
*both using oil (everything is 45mins to 1 hour)

While spending time with massage, I heard my husband's awww and ouch that means that was really hard I guess. Mine was hard too. But it is so relaxing. He told me that his body becomes light and healed. Mine too. Before starting the massage session we are like laughing the whole time and joking like no one sees and hears us! His foot spa was okay but could have been better if her nail wasnt bleeding after! My facial was like I think 30mins only since my face doesnt have much thing to removed (I guess).

couples room, different from solo room, its dark, no music very quiet but smells good!

After the relaxing and chilling, we eat out at fast food who cater noodles and dimsum (chowking) and my congee was the best! I ate everything and I feel bloated. Going home my kids present was brownies in different topping and my baby daughter was happy.

cubicle for foot spa, I am taking shot from the waiting area at the couch

I am happy! My soul was cleared for a while, my body was relaxed, my mind was chill and my heart pound like Im romantically satisfied. I wished this could be forever. If only we can go to spa and relax "everyday!"

me and my husband after the spa sessions and eat out session, we are so happy, relaxed and chilled!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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