Posted by: foodtraveller | February 21, 2010

A Long Ride to Tanay


Me and my husband originally planned to went out and got to Tanay for some personal errands in the morning but because of minor problems (of where to place my sister’s kids since my mom was sick) we ended up going out like after lunch. We need to be there before 4pm sharp.

music that you can barely hear but if you seat at the front oh yeah there is a music but a bad one! (I always thought that music will be my anti-boring escape after my MP ran out of battery!)

Yes this is still earth. It is a province. A lot of carabaos and rice fields, plants, bonsai and fruit stand. Even my husband feels bored, I feel bored, my cellphone almost dead and my MP ran out of battery because of the 7 hour ride (back and forth) to Tanay from my place in Manila.

This is a shot from the tricycle - TANAY

Thank God we arrived at Tanay safe and sound. Heading back home we had a ride with a very comfortable aircon than the first one. I cant barely feel the heat outside the cab.

SHOTS before we travel to home

Oh well, just wanna share that if you will be visiting Tanay and you arent used to or like its your first time I advice you to have a little travel kit with book, MP and some other stuff that will make you busy!

Happy reading everyone! and Happy travel too!



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