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Cherry Cake with Name

Cherry Cake with the celebrant’s name. Happy Father’s Day!

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Posted by: foodtraveller | July 15, 2010

Birthday Cupcakes

This is a rush order for a surprise birthday gift for my client’s BF, what a sweet thoughts!

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Posted by: foodtraveller | July 15, 2010

Noodles here are Great

Hai Chinese Restaurant & Chill Out Bar
SM Marikina

I was with my sister and she is craving for something like hot noodles or some congee. We tried HAI, the service was not excellent but good. I noticed that the Manager-cum-part-owner was also serving the customer (I like it). The beef noodles was in great taste. The congee is also yummy in hot bowl. I like the simplicity of the ambiance. Most likely chatting with my sister was spectacular!

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Vanilla Banana Muffin

Starbucks, San Lazaro

This is Starbucks new muffin. I find it yummy but no extra ordinary taste. I miss the blueberry honey muffin oats! I just wanna share what I over heard with the Starbucks staff:

Customer: What is feta cheese? (she’s talking about the Starbucks new turnover, “sardines & tuna feta cheese”)
Starbucks staff at the cashiering side: (ask the starbucks outside the cashier– maybe not in duty) ano nga ba yun? (what is it again?)
Starbucks staff outside the cashiering side: ano nga ba yun? alam ko lang turn over, baka sardinas po… (I dont know, what I know is the ‘turnover’, maybe its the sardines)
Customer: ahhh…

I really want to say something, but I dont want to be misinterpreted. I wanna tap the three person & say that FETA is one kind of cheese …

Lesson: Please train your people very well, for them to know their product religiously.

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Black & White theme cupcakes

This wasnt the first time to ordered this, but I kinda feel the excitement again since I always motivate myself into positivity. Love messages are also my favorite.

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Heart Cake with Message

Im back making heart message cake ♥ Above is actually a cake for a student. It is actually a rush cake and I am wondering if I will say no or not since my daughter’s orientation is the same.

details that I love 🙂

This is a heart shape chocolate cake with sweet thoughts chocolate frost top with all edible, sugar topper.


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Some Thoughts, My Soul

I went to coffee today. Espresso makes me feel better. I’ve been sad and in some way, somehow I am depressed. I got to think what, why and so.. but I only got answers (*in my mind) unclear me. Thanks to my coffee. This day I accept and submit everything to God. I love it when HE whisper “you can do it pretty, always smile) and I will. I really will. Its raining and it reflects my soul. I guess my tears will be gone soon. Thanks to my husband and daughter. I love them so.

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Hello everyone.

I would like to state how I feel today. I’ve been harassed by my dreams and being stalked by my thoughts — this made me stronger and positive. One of the good things in my life ~ I always had coffee vice. I love to sip even a drop. But of course its not practical and expensive. My coffee vice will allow me to be energetic and uplifted. These past few days I restrain from having one, until I tried again the other day.. Im so sad for having a low E.Q. (*emotional quotient).

I just hope I can control myself. Too much is always bad. I need control. I just need control and that’s it. Coffee time again ♥

Thanks for being with me.

Posted by: foodtraveller | June 6, 2010

Krispy Kreme

I was on my way home after some time completing my errands when I thought of sending my daughter and niece (*whom I am not with) at home some “pasalubong”. I always had cookies from starbucks for them whenever possible but this time I am looking for something new. I found myself falling in line w/ Krispy kreme and first time to try their decadence.

I was overwhelmed with the chocolates. I honestly believe that this wasnt our taste but why wont I give a shot? We are 3 persons at home and I bought box of six. I made the plain doughnut like 3 just in case they dont like it. Im not mistaken. They just had it one bite. And they feel full already!

Its now confirmed that my daughter is a cookie person. As much as I am making cookies once in a while they still want MORE since our cookie jar is always empty. Plus I am too busy now a days for some other businesses.

Krispy Kreme says “make today a special day!” it is indeed a special day, 6 pcs of doughnuts plus 2 cans of soda (as per my daughter taste like medicines *Dr. Pepper and Rootbear) it is equivalent of eating out on a fast food chain 🙂 (as per valueof money) (*it cost P41.00) each and sodas cost P45.00 each)

But its okay. Im happy. It is like giving them gift after a long week.

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I’m an Addict

Starbucks, San Lazaro

In my coffee experience I now very well know what’s in it and what’s lack. I hardly had zero coffee in my body. I dont smoke, I am not an alcoholic (no more) and dont gamble. I just had one addiction, coffee. I cant tell my body not to, whenever I saw a coffee I stop and buy one. I found my soul at peace with coffee. Being alone or being at peace with these coffee people makes me happy and contented. Maybe its the coffee, so I thought of buying an espresso machine. I also though its the ambiance, so I want a room for me with couch, soft music, with my books to read. If I could have both it could be nicer also. I wish I can control myself to these habit. My money was spend mostly on coffee and books not on shoes and bags .. in which when I was younger I collect like 5 shoes or so a month. Oh, coffee…

P.S. I ordered w/o whipped cream (for a change.. Im on a diet)

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