Posted by: foodtraveller | June 3, 2010

There’s Something Wrong

Starbucks, Binondo

First time at this branch - binondo

First time to visit and experience service at this branch. It is always fun to have a job like this where you can be at many places (not exactly fancy and high-end) you may drop your self into. I was waiting for my supplier’s stock so I drop by at the coffee shop first. OF COURSE, what will I order but the espresso frappe. Whew! I was near the comfort room table in w/c I hate, but there are no table available. It is like a 7 table branch (or less than?). Another thing is It doesnt taste like my old espresso at San Lazaro. I didnt brought iot back since Im in hurry but I know in my soul.. there is something wrong …

Thanks for reading everyone.

Posted by: foodtraveller | June 3, 2010

My Chicken Lollipop POPS

Order came. I usually cook for people at ABSCBN employees where they find my chicken lollipop delicious. Yes it is expensive compare to the real chicken price. Imagine in a kilo, how many chickens do they have to kill to get the two wings and make lollipops? What really is my secret ingredient to this crispy thing? I think its the patience. I carefully weigh their almost uniformity. Had a hard time marinading in a buttermilk and being with the pan all the time to turn and cook in two temperatures. I think Im just taking hard on myself, but the spices wont make my client happy, its the thought that add to the flavor. Oh, now they know. Patience is always the key. Patience is the ingredient of WISDOM!

Thanks for reading everyone .. smile!

Posted by: foodtraveller | May 29, 2010

Chef Hat Graduation Chocolate Cake

I made this chef hat cake for a newly Chef. This is my second time I made chef cake hat. I already know the details and some tricks. Ive talked to my clients stating all the details I will add to the cake. Everything is edible. The celebrant find this cake amazing, but then again some were not. I know in this business you can never please every one no matter how good you are. I am so proud of this cake. I made my mind awake all the time thinking how can I be able to present this cake in such a classic and yummy way. I made the filling taste like ice cream and even put some white chocolate on it. I made this with full of love!

Congratulations Chef Trish!

--- my first chef hat cake ---

--- bottom cake 10\

--- painted it using sugar ---

--- taste like ice cream ---

--- white chocolate! ---

--- waiting to dry ---

…. those are the details!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Posted by: foodtraveller | May 29, 2010

I Will Never Go Back at ANY of their Branch


I thought this will be a happy a day for me. Food is our ultimate bonding. We all feel happy after eating. Chef D’ Angelo caters italian cuisine plus I cant tell negative about the ambiance. But then again this turn out to be a nightmare!

We order for a budget saver meal in which the cashier never offer any nor suggest any, so I chose chicken meals for kids, one classics and one yucky barbeque flavored wings (taste so bad!) .. I ordered for a “ceasar’s salad” that’s it…

After a long wait, okay here they are. We didnt feel any annoyance at first since — I repeat — the ambiance are so country and lovely. Until this wrong platter came to our table. We ate it. To my surprised it is not our order and we have to pay for that because order came. Its the same as I order. I didnt realized it isnt. I feel annoyed. Everyone was looking at our table and I am beginning to feel embarrassed.

I feel annoyed because we are so hungry and yet the service was lame. Honestly we are the second customer while every restaurant are in crowd, no one eats here, now I know why. I asked for a water politely and it took us a million.. or correction — gazillion years to come. I declare, I will never ever come back here again. This place is expensive, and I thought the service was good enough to meet the price. We didnt finished the food. Everything! We took it out, ate it at home instead while watching t.v. the kids are stressed because I kept on arguing to this people why in the hell they cant monitor a single plate, now I have to pay for a plate.

Thanks for reading.

Posted by: foodtraveller | May 29, 2010

One Sizzling Coffee Day!

Starbucks, San Lazaro

First time that we dont have a place to stay. The sun outside was super mad! Everyone was at the coffee shop, just staying and letting the sizzling hot weather subside. I cant blame them, we also have the same reason why we must go coffee first before going home. In the midst of this hot weather, I let them try cookies and banana blueberry honey muffins oats while I can bake those to them and just enjoy at home. Its the ambiance I am buying. I am not saying my home isnt the best place for unwinding but after the stressive day of working at home (*I operate my business at home) I want a new place. A new environment. I always choose the coffee shop. For some reason I found my peace here, though this day was a full of people day.

This is what I get after a huge toxic work … HUG from my lovely daughter ♥

Thanks for reading everyone!

Posted by: foodtraveller | May 29, 2010

Another First Time This Month

Inasal Chicken Bacolod, San Lazaro

I always walk on this Inasal for quite sometime now. I dont know how it taste until we tried it, me, my daughter and my niece. We tried their chicken wings and to my dismayed my daughter and niece doesnt like the taste,I tasted it and its overly salty. But I havent noticed since I am very much contented with the ambiance. The service isnt the best but its average, okay, and I dont have any complain on the way they treat clients. I tasted their pork sisig, its okay, the servings though was a little bit few. I love their lemonade. We end our day smiling. I am full to admit it. I ate what these kids left at their plate!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Posted by: foodtraveller | May 29, 2010

Weird Doughnuts

Starbucks, San Lazaro

the new doughnut of starbucks

I find this doughnuts so weird. Its not the usual doughnut I used to saw. Its still a cirle with cut all ove it. The flavors are the same, glazed and chocolate. I found the shape extraordinary. Forgive me but me and my daughter agree that it looks creepy that’s why we didnt try it the first time I saw it. I love doughnuts but this one I think twice. After trying this out at Starbucks, ABSCBN I just feel its still the doughnut I always order but in a weirdo package!

Thanks everyone!

Posted by: foodtraveller | May 29, 2010

Strawberry Muffins

Strawberry Muffins

I tried baking strawberry muffin one weekend. Its a fullfillment since the strawberry season will be gone soon. Its a happy recipe since it doesnt require me so much extra ordinary ingredient. At first Im afraid no body will like it since my family isnt a strawberry fan. I was surprised! Everyone said its yummy. I gave some to my neighbor too. As my personal assessment, its between sweet and sour. I love the combination and the colors (*brown & red) was interesting. I will definitely make one batch again!

Thanks everyone!

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Trying Everything

Starbucks, San Lazaro

First time that we go VENTI size. I know its a “so what” moment but sometimes its better trying out new experiences and hoping we could learn a lot from it. I let my daughter and niece try out the new flavor espresso java chip frap and some cookies. They like it but not as they love the old flavors we always get. But atleast there are room for comparison.

This is me. Every coffee day and time that we have I feel serene and at peace. I feel all my worries are gone. I love being in a peaceful place, sipping coffee and sometimes reading books. I brought my books and work here ♥ too! Nice place.

Thanks for being with me on this page everyone!

Posted by: foodtraveller | May 29, 2010

My Happy Day

Happy Mother’s Day to All! ♥

Mother’s day is my second favorite occasion my family celebrate exagerately (the first one is the halloween). Yes its a big deal for me since Im a mom myself. I bought myself a flower since no one will give me one (*my husband’s in U.S.A. right now) as my daughter still cant go out alone.


Since I cant really took the heat, we decided go to mall, unwind, eat out … do the normal things as family. I wasnt surprised knowing that every fast food and restaurant in town was a jam-packed! We ended up eating at BURGER KING. Who doesnt want a beef???? We all do! Sip a soda as tall as we want to. We enjoy everything. What I enjoy so much was the FREE WIFI! And that’s a happy thought! ♥

After an erstwhile lunch we went to Starbucks ♥ sip espresso and there you are, we did a lot of talk and bonding! They wrote good things at their diary ♥ I love being a mom. I will never trade places. swear!

Thanks for reading everyone! Happy Mother’s Day! ♥

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