Posted by: foodtraveller | July 15, 2010

Vanilla Banana Muffin

Starbucks, San Lazaro

This is Starbucks new muffin. I find it yummy but no extra ordinary taste. I miss the blueberry honey muffin oats! I just wanna share what I over heard with the Starbucks staff:

Customer: What is feta cheese? (she’s talking about the Starbucks new turnover, “sardines & tuna feta cheese”)
Starbucks staff at the cashiering side: (ask the starbucks outside the cashier– maybe not in duty) ano nga ba yun? (what is it again?)
Starbucks staff outside the cashiering side: ano nga ba yun? alam ko lang turn over, baka sardinas po… (I dont know, what I know is the ‘turnover’, maybe its the sardines)
Customer: ahhh…

I really want to say something, but I dont want to be misinterpreted. I wanna tap the three person & say that FETA is one kind of cheese …

Lesson: Please train your people very well, for them to know their product religiously.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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