Posted by: foodtraveller | June 3, 2010

There’s Something Wrong

Starbucks, Binondo

First time at this branch - binondo

First time to visit and experience service at this branch. It is always fun to have a job like this where you can be at many places (not exactly fancy and high-end) you may drop your self into. I was waiting for my supplier’s stock so I drop by at the coffee shop first. OF COURSE, what will I order but the espresso frappe. Whew! I was near the comfort room table in w/c I hate, but there are no table available. It is like a 7 table branch (or less than?). Another thing is It doesnt taste like my old espresso at San Lazaro. I didnt brought iot back since Im in hurry but I know in my soul.. there is something wrong …

Thanks for reading everyone.


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