Posted by: foodtraveller | June 3, 2010

My Chicken Lollipop POPS

Order came. I usually cook for people at ABSCBN employees where they find my chicken lollipop delicious. Yes it is expensive compare to the real chicken price. Imagine in a kilo, how many chickens do they have to kill to get the two wings and make lollipops? What really is my secret ingredient to this crispy thing? I think its the patience. I carefully weigh their almost uniformity. Had a hard time marinading in a buttermilk and being with the pan all the time to turn and cook in two temperatures. I think Im just taking hard on myself, but the spices wont make my client happy, its the thought that add to the flavor. Oh, now they know. Patience is always the key. Patience is the ingredient of WISDOM!

Thanks for reading everyone .. smile!


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