Posted by: foodtraveller | June 3, 2010

I’m an Addict

Starbucks, San Lazaro

In my coffee experience I now very well know what’s in it and what’s lack. I hardly had zero coffee in my body. I dont smoke, I am not an alcoholic (no more) and dont gamble. I just had one addiction, coffee. I cant tell my body not to, whenever I saw a coffee I stop and buy one. I found my soul at peace with coffee. Being alone or being at peace with these coffee people makes me happy and contented. Maybe its the coffee, so I thought of buying an espresso machine. I also though its the ambiance, so I want a room for me with couch, soft music, with my books to read. If I could have both it could be nicer also. I wish I can control myself to these habit. My money was spend mostly on coffee and books not on shoes and bags .. in which when I was younger I collect like 5 shoes or so a month. Oh, coffee…

P.S. I ordered w/o whipped cream (for a change.. Im on a diet)

Thanks for reading.


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