Posted by: foodtraveller | May 29, 2010

My Happy Day

Happy Mother’s Day to All! ♥

Mother’s day is my second favorite occasion my family celebrate exagerately (the first one is the halloween). Yes its a big deal for me since Im a mom myself. I bought myself a flower since no one will give me one (*my husband’s in U.S.A. right now) as my daughter still cant go out alone.


Since I cant really took the heat, we decided go to mall, unwind, eat out … do the normal things as family. I wasnt surprised knowing that every fast food and restaurant in town was a jam-packed! We ended up eating at BURGER KING. Who doesnt want a beef???? We all do! Sip a soda as tall as we want to. We enjoy everything. What I enjoy so much was the FREE WIFI! And that’s a happy thought! ♥

After an erstwhile lunch we went to Starbucks ♥ sip espresso and there you are, we did a lot of talk and bonding! They wrote good things at their diary ♥ I love being a mom. I will never trade places. swear!

Thanks for reading everyone! Happy Mother’s Day! ♥


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