Posted by: foodtraveller | May 29, 2010

I Will Never Go Back at ANY of their Branch


I thought this will be a happy a day for me. Food is our ultimate bonding. We all feel happy after eating. Chef D’ Angelo caters italian cuisine plus I cant tell negative about the ambiance. But then again this turn out to be a nightmare!

We order for a budget saver meal in which the cashier never offer any nor suggest any, so I chose chicken meals for kids, one classics and one yucky barbeque flavored wings (taste so bad!) .. I ordered for a “ceasar’s salad” that’s it…

After a long wait, okay here they are. We didnt feel any annoyance at first since — I repeat — the ambiance are so country and lovely. Until this wrong platter came to our table. We ate it. To my surprised it is not our order and we have to pay for that because order came. Its the same as I order. I didnt realized it isnt. I feel annoyed. Everyone was looking at our table and I am beginning to feel embarrassed.

I feel annoyed because we are so hungry and yet the service was lame. Honestly we are the second customer while every restaurant are in crowd, no one eats here, now I know why. I asked for a water politely and it took us a million.. or correction — gazillion years to come. I declare, I will never ever come back here again. This place is expensive, and I thought the service was good enough to meet the price. We didnt finished the food. Everything! We took it out, ate it at home instead while watching t.v. the kids are stressed because I kept on arguing to this people why in the hell they cant monitor a single plate, now I have to pay for a plate.

Thanks for reading.


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