Posted by: foodtraveller | April 29, 2010

..some thoughts …

Just thinking lot of wild things in my minds. I am thinking of making a lot of MUFFINS today but the hot weather makes me lazy. I received a lot of bad news today but I have to be strong in able to live and give good life to my family. I may sound melo-dramatic but its from the deepest thing in my soul. I am thinking of baking a huge cake but I also have restrictions in me. I have concepts to maintain (as I can answer if I can live with the business expansion). I belong to SMEs and it is hard to just even maintain the level of achievement. I pray to God. I pray hard. But of course prayers arent just the thing. I needs lot and huge bags of hope and dreams. I try to avoid negative people as it just eats my senses. But how can I avoid them? One indirectly say “its impossible…” one say “its a risk…” but what will I do? That’s the only thing I know I can do? But thanks for reading everyone. I know these words that are unanswered will soon be clear. As long as my husband and daughter are around, in whatever outcome it will be positive for me. God bless me. So are you dear readers ♥♥♥

Thanks for reading everyone!!!!


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