Posted by: foodtraveller | April 23, 2010

In Between Taste

Starbucks, Manila


I am (*super) challenge to Starbucks’ new flavor as I saw the word ESPRESSO in its name. I order one and sip it while capturing few photos of my fave arts (oil painting) in one of the magazine I saw at the branch. Okay, it taste good. It taste like 3-in-1-coffee. I was wondering why (*of course). There’s this bitterness and sweetness combined and it is the challenge. How will a espresso lass like me would like the chocolate coffee flavor in one while I almost breathe in espresso for life? ♥ The Frapuccinno was topped with crushed coffee. After I am done with the cup I saw this poster that it is topped with crushed espresso. The frap in the photo is somehow chocolate but the one they gave me was light brown, close to normal color. But I will declare it taste good. If I will order one again? Yes of course I will. Though nothing beats my buds if its bitter espresso and no chocolate!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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