Posted by: foodtraveller | April 23, 2010

Going to New Flavors

Starbucks, San Lazaro


I wont review the Espresso anymore (*it will be bias). Lets talk about the muffin. I am not a fan of blueberry jam and Im so afraid of trying this one out. But I will be so happy If my soul was feed to find out what’s in it. I love how the banana and the blueberry blends so well. I love how I cant even taste the oats, but I prefer to somehow feel its crunch (I guess). The only thing is the bottom was browned maybe because Starbucks is using a very thin paper muffin cup, that it almost stick to its bread. The taste was the best! I will order more and more and even bake one for my baby (for sure) and enjoy the jam filling over a book.

Thanks and happy reading everyone!


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