Posted by: foodtraveller | April 21, 2010

Journey of Paper Works

I promised myself before I made this site that this is all about my feelings, family and most especially food travel. But I cant helped to have a little politics here. Maybe I will just state some fact/s of my LONG journey with these offices. I also got the chance to love the convenience I had this time.

I scheduled myself to fix all (as in ALL) my documents in proper before I let my self be lazy again. Okay here’s what happen to me.. I went to a local branch of SSS (Social security System) few years ago for a change status i.d. and gave me a wrong information. Like “get an Affidavit of Loss” but my i.d. wasnt loss.. the officer-in-charge told me that to avoid hassles of going through a lot of lines. Two years after: here I am again. Still trying.

April 2010
I was told by a smart SSS officer that I should visit the head office already as it is their rule. That’s great. I went the same day. I was there 11am. The place was neat and since its Monday, expect to have the worst. Yes there are lines but I found it so organize and all the officer-in-charge was intelligent and polite. (They know what there are talking about and so polite *especially to Senior Citizens). I answered my papers stating my request and wait for my number to be called. The machine werent working (the one with flashing numbers) and the huge t.v. wasnt on until 12:00pm. I will be lying if I tell this article that I wasnt annoyed waiting. But I patiently waited for more than 3hours for my number. In between lunch break I look for a place to eat and all was JAM PACKED. I roam like 30mins to find a place to eat. i found one but I wasnt enjoying my fast-food-foods. I am tired. But as I was completed I feel happy already. Relieved.

How about my journey to BIR (Bureu of Internal Revenue) it was also completed. I asked so many desk for my inquiries. Answering forms in 3 pages each the~~ 1901, 1904, 1905 all in one, only to find out the first step I should be doing was a transfer of payments. Looking for my local branch was a challenge too! Edsa branch is hard to find. But no lines that day.

i am in the middle of this HOT and SIZZLING day!

My journey to Post Office was also a puzzled. No lines (that’s great!). They didnt checked requirements that vivid (on my opinion). You have to pay the following:

P80.00 ~photo (if your photos are rejected)
P175.00 ~ i.d. fee
P20.00 ~lamination
P90.00 ~notary public
P20.00 ~stamps
total: P385.00

But did you know I only got 1 receipt w/c is the P175.00. The officer-in-charge told me that. She still manage to get my calling card while asking me what kind of cakes I bake. That’s one way of showing there are HUGE corruption we all allowed. I should be exposing their faces and so but I also am afraid that they will get back on me. Honestly. If those are legal why do I have to received a single receipt and the officer will whisper like I will only be getting one receipt.

Okay that’s it. I ate lame but my paper works are all almost done! That’s good to know. If only I can afford to pay service officers for liasons I will, but for a simple Proprietor like me, I still honestly cant.

Happy reading everyone!


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