Posted by: foodtraveller | April 17, 2010

When Kids Do not Like It

KFC, San Lazaro


After school I told my daughter to eat out. I chose KFC (but thinking about going to Pizza Salon). Im so excited eating this new little cheese balls called cheezy cheese (Mozarella inside the soft balls PLUS salsa sauce as dip) that I saw in commercials and prints. It is good. I cant tell you its a heaven because I also ordered for some food that my daughter doesnt want to finished. I ordered a classic chicken for her and spicy chicken for me. Ordered the KRUSHER in which she is excited to sip and taste. To her dismayed, she hate it. LITERALLY. I dont know about the taste because I am not a fan of yogurts. I ordered Mango since its her ultimate request. This lunch ended up not good. I feel upset of my daughter not finishing the food. She told me she just dont like it. My bill is almost P400.00. If we eat at Pizza Salon it will be the same plus the ambiance will be better. One situation is ~~ there’s this Manager rushing near our area screaming: “dadating si Maam Jen, mag ayos kayo, maglinis kayo.. dali!” As a Manager it is okay to command everyone specially if your boss will visit their store but to scream out loud that other customer will over heard it its a no no! Etiquette. I dont know what’s up with this Manager because she cant even fix her own hair first before screaming to her crews. Funny.

Happy reading and enjoy the weekend everyone!


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