Posted by: foodtraveller | April 17, 2010

What Business YOU Want To Put Up?

I’ve been thinking about kiosk and carts these past few days. Im inspired with all these booth whom I know is profitable. 2 years ago before the fried noodle exist, my sister let me taste one. I honestly hate the taste. To me I will sell those that I will eat. Those that I believe in. I didnt consider having a food cart with a fried noodles. But I admit, Filipino loves this Mongolian fusion! I tasted one again with my husband. He love it with minimal sauce. Teriaki is sweet so if you want to control and mix sweetness with a twist try having a little chilli on it. But I still believe whatever Filipino Entrepreneur will choose to have it will succeed. After all they are known for being so unique and hard-working people.


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