Posted by: foodtraveller | April 17, 2010

This Day is Important To Me

Little Asia, Tomas Morato

LITTLE ASIA'S great food

becoming my fave ♥

the best for kids

This article isnt not just about food and dining. Its all about my feelings towards this day as “the last Saturday (for now) of our family”. My husband will go back to U.S.A. fo another work contract and will be back this Christmas. Although it wouldnt take that long for me every seconds count.

I brought my husband to one of the best restaurant ambiance (in my opinion) – LITTLE ASIA. As far as I know there are a lot of branch but Tomas Morato is better for us in terms of distance. This is where my daughter’s 8th birthday happen. This is where we celebrated our Christmas with friends 2008. 3rd time Im with my husband already.


My husband was impress. Everything in this place was excellent for him. He loves the red paint. He loves the soft music. I ordered food we can all eat, Caesar’s Salad, Little Asia’s Chicken, Shrimp and Brocolli, Emperor Rice, Banana Sago and Watermelon Shake. He was also impress of the Chinese dishes. Of course he loves Chinese Dishes!!! ♥

I like the Salad. I love the Chicken. Even as the first time I came Little Asia, I always love their chicken. My husband loves the Brocolli, its crispy. The kids love the Mango Sago. Originally we ordered two, but the waiter gave us advice that the bowl was huge for kids and we canceled the other one. The kids (my daughter and niece) shared. I super love the watermelon shake, so summer!

my niece and my daughter

In terms of ambiance, WINNER. The tables and chairs are classy. Before, they put 1 bottle of red wine in each table.. now they just place it to some. The new thing was the paper mats, before its just the Little Asia logo, now the orange paper stating their awards and achievements! It also seems that the framed article are multiplying.

my fave photo that night

Enjoying food with love ones really is a fun, loving and exciting thing for me. I love this weekend so much. I love my family so much. What else I can ask for? All I need is a little faith, hope and more dreams. Keeping my family together is a decision I will never regret.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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