Posted by: foodtraveller | April 17, 2010

My Comfort Food

Le Coeur de France, Shangrila

Chicken turnover

I was about to go to BIR Mandaluyong (after spending a lot of time fixing my Tax papers at the head office) when the lunch time strikes. I know BIR doesnt have a break time but my tummy is agry and really makes me dizzy. As I enter the Shangrila premise, I smell this freshly baked TURN OVERS. First I bought my fave Mcdo Float at the food court and went back to Le Coeur, ordered 2 chicken turnover. Thinking about the beef and mushroom too but Im always a beef person so I chose the other one. I love this puff pastry. Everything baked in puff or phyllo sheets are the best for me. My comfort food. I love the place’ ambiance. Their tables are made of grayish white marmols and chairs are rattan in cool beige. It is simple but so chic! I love it. Take note: the waiters and crews are so polite and accommodating (of course! This mall is first class!). The table in front of me just have few issues like they waited for almost 20mins for their pasta. I dont know but for me they accommodate me like a true celebrity! Thanks.

Thank you for reading!


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