Posted by: foodtraveller | April 17, 2010

A New Coffee Place

Starbucks, Sta. Mesa

Happy baby

Original plan was to visit Figaro at Shangrila with my friends but it was cancelled. I promise my daughter to go coffee shop so we still do. That night we tried the newest Starbucks Branch at Sta. Mesa located at the groud floor of almost finish Condo, Mezza.

my book keeps me company

I cant ordered for an Espresso because its late already my daughter might not get to sleep nicely, so I asked for Mocha Frapuccino and a waffle. We both enjoy the place because I love the new couch and the furnitures (everything) are all new. Its cold. I observed I saw a lot of foreigner students maybe came from the adjacent school nearby.

i love the polka couch

my baby hates me after posing like a gold fish while she smile beautifully!

The Security guards are polite but the baristas are I dont know. Maybe. Their display doesnt have much because I didnt saw my daughter’s favorite cookies and one of my fave ~ sausage roll.

kissing my scar!

my friend drop by for some *hugs

If I will go back to this branch? Surely. I love their ambiance. I love the cold. I love how it is near my place. I love the spacious area.

Thanks for reading!


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