Posted by: foodtraveller | April 15, 2010

My Tummy was Smiling


I allow my husband to choose where he wants to eat and I know 100% he will choose this food chain. He won (though Im thinking of going somewhere else). I kind’a feeling I will not enjoy this day but to my surprise, I feel full and my tummy feels bloated.

I order for a huge plate of Lumpia (platter) and my husband ordered a very hot LOMI plus the usual– siomai. The lomi was so delicious. I observed the crews and they were all focused and accommodating. I just wonder why this person that has an i.d. that states she is (one of the) Manager of this establishment dont wore a hairnet w/c is same as the two Managers I saw (who wore hairnet). All crews wear one too.

What Im stating is we have to improve not only our service to our valued customers but as well as the security they need to have. The security of cleanliness. Yes I didnt die or got sick that day until now but are we going to wait for it? Overall, the food was excellent. They just have to work on their proper attire. That Manager also should be a good example.

Happy reading!


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