Posted by: foodtraveller | April 15, 2010

Chilling out


holding her fave cookie of Starbucks

After Chowking we we went to sip some frapuccinos. I waited like almost an hour at the shop because my husband and my daughter went to clippers. You will never imagine how she spends P700.00 just for few items like pencil and sharpeners. But I didnt mind after all it was her money she saves at her own bank account.

one of the item she found and bought

ice cream wasnt from starbucks

This article wont tackle about the taste of coffee at all but how I and my love ones enjoy this day just joking and talking and talking. I really love the day we spend at the coffee shop! Sorry for always spending it to Starbucks. It is actually my personal choice, as a mom who found so much serenity and calmness in a place like this, I will surely spend even my 500 bucks at this shop.

he loves this!

my love ones

I cant say of anything more but the smiles in my face cant fade out!

Thank you for reading!


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