Posted by: foodtraveller | April 3, 2010

My Recent Accident

*My injury was at my left knee and right foot. Last year was at my right knee and right arm.

I am suppose to go somewhere when I was accidentally struck by a moving motorcycle that made me lie down the street floor as I was out of balanced and hardly cant get up. No one help me get up. I went home badly injured my knee swelling and somehow bleeding. I was all dirty but ironically smiling (just to balanced the shock at home).

at first you look at it like it was nothing because I still can walk properly and bravely managed to take care of the wound.

My husband LITERALLY got worried because he has one too years ago where he gained fever and all that because he was hit on his bone on his knee too. As much as I want to blame myself I really cant. I was at the bathroom disinfecting the cut that made my tears flow like a river. It really hurts me so much.

my daughter gave me a tiny flower -she said to make me happy. this is really painful.

My husband just cant stop talking how on earth that happen. Sigh. I feel dizzy then. Ate my lunch and went to bed. I am trying to stretched my legs and I feel pain. I was trying to get up too using my thigh and I cant too.

second day is painful than the first day!

I woke up crying (like 3am) because my daughter accidentally bumped my knee while she was asleep. Early in the morning I really am not feeling well. I told my husband my knee is swelling. He convinced me to go to the doctor but I rejected the offer.

third day of pain, the swell aint going down.

I failed to go to church because this time I cant walk that long. Its like needles in my vain. One time I am sitting, my legs are relaxed, then here comes when I want to get up I feel pain in all my knee muscle. I think when they are all stretched and moved from one position to another the wound activated that causes pain (I dont know if that makes sense). My bruises are turning violet and blue. The dry wound is hard but then again still fresh inside. The surrounding is like swelling meat- all red. I commended my bravery here. I still managed to smile.

fourth day, the pain lessen but my knee looks UGLY!

My assessment on my fourth day – Its a little less painful now. But I know my knee still looks UGLY. I bet the scars are bigger than my last year’s accident that happen last quarter of 2009 and mind you, again, caused by a moving TAXI/CAB this time. I am thinking what if my hands or arms was injured? How in the world will I execute my household duties? Will I ever blog again? Thanks to my on line diary- I can scream to the world how I surpassed this pain and trial gracefully PLUS having my own article where I am the front page. I can walk now. But still cant run. I now can wear my almost 4 inches gladiator heels but still thinking how will I cover the ugly knee? Haha.. just thoughts. Do I believe in what you call SIGNOS? My dad has one, who knows the world pass it to me. It is like you are always near to pain and accident. What matters is I know physical pain always has remedy. Unlike emotional pain that no doctor can heal the wound but you.

my 2009 last quarter accident happen in front of ABS w/ my sister, but still we managed to eat first at Contis before heading to the doctor! I know thats pathetic!

Its my wound’s 4th day,Happy Birthday pain!Oh just wondering-if this little wound make me cry,what more Jesus’ bleeding body?How about the emotional pain billion of people caused due to betrayal and loss of faith??OUCH.While looking for your hermitage smile.Yes its holy week but Jesus still wants us to smile 🙂 Feed our hollow soul of positivity! Smile.

Thanks for reading Everyone! Enjoy Holy Week 🙂


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