Posted by: foodtraveller | March 31, 2010

One of the Oldest Food Choice

Pares Mami House, Espana

i took cellphone pictures as soon as we arrived

I honestly admit that I am not fascinated (very much) with Mami house (*refers to cute little fancy house with full of noodles and chinese cofomfort food ~chinese specialties). WHY? Its not the food. I always want noodles. I hate the open place and not so cute ambiance. For all I know they are using electric fan. Service wasnt that good also (as I know and most of the food house).

But I will tell you our whole experience with a certain noodle house in Espana. When I was in high school this is already existed. The way it looks it is the same after 15years or so. The red color is still the same. The ceiling fan are still the same. Everything.

these are all the food we ate! tapsilog, porkchopsilog, lechon kawali, mami, siomai and sodas plus mango juice w/ 2 extra rice

We took our order as soon as we arrived. Take note, no one will come to you,you will tell your order. About 15mins or so (i know it took so long) our orders came. I was about to ask for a tissue but here are the unexpected conversation (translated in English):

me: pahiging tissue (can I have a tissue?)
waitress #1: tissue daw (give her tissue -to the waitress #2)
waitress #2: tissue?

Incident #2″

me: pahinging kalamansi
waitress: (no answer, just glance at me, so I thought she understands me)
after waiting for 20mins here come the kalamansi together with the Siopao and Mami.

My opinion is: the real reason why Im not fond of this kind of resto is that they actually served LAME and the service is poor. These waitress thinks that this is not a real resto and they arent forced to served the customer the way nice ambiance restos treat their guest. So stupid to think like that. Customer service is important even in wet market!

I enjoy the tapa (beef) since it was so soft. The noodles are okay too. The porkchops are burned but my kids love burned pork. I feel full. We paid P485.00 and its huge (for me) as it will be the same bill if we ate at a nice food chain or fancy restaurant. My husband wanted the taste of Asian. I agreed with him because he misses Oriental food so much.

*that’s my own opinion. It may be different from your views. RESPECT.

Thanks for reading!


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