Posted by: foodtraveller | March 27, 2010

Outdoor Activity


this is what you called wayboard! Its like skateboard.

The heat of the summer is everywhere, and its partner is of course VACATION TIME. Ive been thinking what if we choose to be outdoor? What sports will I endow with my daughter (that I will enjoy)? Before the classes end I saw group of kids (our neighbor’s kid/s) that was enjoying the wayboard-thing. I told my husband what if I buy my daughter a wayboard? Excited. But after 3 weeks my husband rushed to tell me that one of our neighbor got an accident (through wayboard) while practicing a stunt (or trick) resulting to casting his whole arms. I was shocked. Saw the kid and he was so small and cute. A week after seeing that poor kid I saw in my own eyes a kid (again, our neighbor) accidentally fall down and was badly hurt. For few days I never saw that poor little-teen again. My nephew said his arms was cast. Through that I decided I will never buy my daughter that summer thing.

In replace of the wayboard a caster trolley

After arguments, the whole family decided to buy the latest trolley. I already have the old one but the trolley we bought was a combination of wayboard (where you just sway your hips and go!) and the old trolley style. Of course I am still in a worry thinking that accidents whether you like it or not are anywhere. I hate it when I spoil my daughter’s wishes. But what will I do, everybody in the neighborhood has one. What will I do?

this is cute: Hannah Montana and pink color combine!

Maybe I will have to pray hard after buying this. There are also rules (and I know she will not enjoy). On top of that she needs lot of discipline just to come out with a good summer. Summer really is fun and exciting. I just hope to see the swimming pool next in my list!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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