Posted by: foodtraveller | March 27, 2010

I Can Eat a Human (almost)

Pizza Hut-Bistro, Makati

Super Supreme Sausage Pops (expensive for a regular size)

Me and my husband went to Makati to fix a paper works and ended up so hungry. Imagine you will fall in line and just wait half a day without drinking anything (oh well, I found a vending machine for coffee but that was it) and eating anything (or chewing even a gum). Enough of the sentiments. My story is regarding my experience with food and service.

Carribean smoothies (combination of fresh fruits) so sour

My mind cant think of anywhere to eat, though I can see a lot of MCDonalds and other fast food anywhere. It’s just that I want something delicious and special. We walked like 20-30mins and Im really hungry that I can hear a dragon in my tummy and I can almost eat human. That’s how I describe that night.

3-cheese ravioli and a bread- I mean cold bread!

We tried this Bistro where restos are standing. We went to Pizza Hut (though I want Yellow Cab) and I feel relax and chill… the place is cozy. There are few people dining in (like 4 tables including us) and a lot of waiters in black ang superior in white polo. They took our order and its the longest day of my life. I really feel hungry! And there you are, our order waiting at their bar waiting to be served. I wasnt surprised that when it reach our table it was cold.

They gave us the ravioli first. It was cold. Ravioli wasnt good when cold. All the cheese got hard and the sauce was not pleasant. The shrimp and garlic was cold too, together with all the garlic bread (that doesnt taste like garlic but buttered) are all cold, because I saw they are putting a prepared buns on this stainless square-deep-pan ready to be picked up. But this pasta is great as Ive tasted it. It has 4pcs of shrimp and a firm pasta. I recommend this pasta.

recommended! shrimp and garlic italian pasta with (cold) bread of course!

I didnt think of blaming the waiter/s until I saw our hot smoking pizza waiting at the bar (again) to be picked up and here we are so hungry looking at the person called J.R. who was busy talking, making fun and most of all tickling one waitress (in black). That’s not it, we didnt finished the pizza and have to take that home, imagining that this time they were prompt but to our surprised it took us more than 20mins only to find out that -that J.R. just place the pizzas at the table and forget it! Lame. But that wasnt the end, they dont even bother!!!!!

one ofthe table's decor

We paid our bill, give a tip but while at the cab I was thinking I didnt enjoy inspite of the cozy chilling place. The service was lame and so as the food.

*By the way, they didnt even say the cute line that I always wanna hear “thank you for dining! (mother-fuc***!)” Lame.

If I will go back there again? Maybe. But will request that everything must be HOT! and will fill up the assessment paper and email their customer service officer, get all their names and report every gestures! Then Ill go back.

But then again thanks for reading!


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