Posted by: foodtraveller | March 22, 2010


SM Annex, West

Before I start my article, I just want to say sorry that this blog cant be supported by any photos. I prepared 3 photos captured at my cellphone since I left my Canon at home. It was a great shot (I guess). But to my surprised, as I got home all photos are lost. I feel sad. Blogging and sharing my food experiences at the same time is really part of my system. I wonder why I didnt check it at least once. Now I feel guilty.

Anyway, this Peri-peri restaurant found at the heart of Quezon City inside the mall of SM was new to my ear. As I heard my sister told me there is also what they call Peri-Peri Chicken found in Greenhills. My sister personally asked the one who took our order, she clearly told us “yes it’s the same but there are few differences”. I took that as they are in the same management but of course no one is perfect to copy everything in every store (that’s what I understood). Then my sister told me ~THEY ARE DIFFERENT because menus are different. The lady who took order then again said “yeah maybe they are different” and I was like HUH? WHAT THE ****??? Rule #1: Always as in always know your account or your company where you work religiously! If you dont know 100% percent the answer – – – might as well just say “wait I will just verify” or “I am not sure (say the truth for heaven’s sake!) but if you want please wait and I’ll call/ask my superior..” isnt that hard? I always thought this was discussed during orientation. All about the squares of where you work are ALWAYS discuss before you start. If they didnt well, quit the job! The job you might into maybe scrupulous that will cost you much!

Go back to the food thing and observation~ I found the place nice, quiet and calming. The ambiance is great. I love the color that is in between orange and yellow. The lights makes me look pretty! The menu card are simple and easy to understand. There we go, we order. I got the Pasta Platter #3: pasta, 1/4 peri chicken and caesar salad only for P175.00 plus my water melon shake (in cute small glass) that cost P60.00. My sister order for Lite Platter (I dont know the number) but includes 1/4 peri chicken, quesedillas and salad. This comes with free regular size ice tea. As far as I know this cost P245.00.

Speaking of quessedillas I had a short story. The one who took our order dont know Quessedillas. She described it as “the bread thing like the one use in shawarma..” Again: RULE #1 know what’s in the menu card religiously. It may cost the whole restaurant the health of the customers. Might have allergy to any of the ingridient/s. WHEOW!

The cost of the food is okay to me. As far as I know I feel full. If you are like a hungry person then this will be one of my recommendation (since they had budget list/s). The food doesnt have any surprise like overly delicious compare to others but just satisfactory. The chicken gravy is plain, no pepperly taste, it wasnt hot but you will have one. The salad, they used the little biscuit thing like but it wasnt crutons. The Quesedillas taste similar to KFC. There sauce in w/c I know was chilli but I found it not so hot. The way I understood, Peri-Peri means an African red pepper (THAT IS HOT!), but the sauce wasnt hot at all. The chicken, oh my, the chicken: It was roast but – – – I found blood inside my 1/4 Peri chicken. A LOT OF BLOOD. I took photos but too bad I cant show you the blood anymore. But swear it has blood inside- in w/c I always hate. Some may enjoy but I am telling that I am not. Please bear respect.

If I will go back here, I will still say yes. As far as I know I enjoy the cleanliness and calming ambiance. The price of the menus are considerate. The blood of the chicken- well I can just request PLEASE avoid giving me one! Really I will mention that.

Me and my sister had a great chat.. that’s the important scene of all today… Thanks sis!

Happy reading everyone! Thanks.


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