Posted by: foodtraveller | March 20, 2010

Coffee Bun*

Savemore, Nagtahan

a treat for a certified coffee lover

*My first time to try KOPIROTTI coffee bread/bun

I am not suppose to buy this bun at the grocery store, I was about to cook a fried chicken and I ran out of some dry ingridient for breading so I decided to drop by at the nearest grocery destination. Not surprisingly upon going out of the exit door,I stopped at this bun store across the wines and liquors realizing that I bought 2 pcs of coffee bread called Koppirotti. While watching a DVD imagining a cup of coffee at my other hand and real bread on the other I start enjoying biting the bread. I assessed that yes it taste like coffee. Smells like coffee. But I didnt enjoy much as I have a real cup on the other hand a real bread on the other (in which my habit is to dip the bread at my hot coffee!). My niece loves it. My daughter says she likes it but she didnt mean it I guess. It was fun experiencing what it is to feel like eating an aromatic bread that taste like coffee. Sorry, but I wont try to buy this on my next days… but Im not saying I will never, its just that I didnt enjoy having a bread like that. I am looking for my bread dip in my coffee like I always do ♥. Oh well~ just my opinion and may differ from all of you. See you real coffee — later.

Happy reading!!!


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