Posted by: foodtraveller | March 20, 2010

Banana Capucinno*

7/11, Nagtahan

my husband's treat!

*it is my first time to try banana capucinno

I (once again) convinced my husband to walk and bought a cup of coffee almost midnight. Happy me. At the 24 hour convenience store I saw this capuccinno that will be new to my taste. Excited to try it. It is banana capucinno. I ordered for a medium size (dont know what’s up to me but usually ordered small/smallest upon first time). We went back to the house and watched a DVD. My daughter loves the banana capucinno more than the hershey’s coffee loco (in w/c my husband took home). He also add some junk food/chips and egg bread (egg pandesal). This is a good complimentary I guess. Happy thoughts, one was I got to buy a sip of hot coffee and second my husband agrees. What love can do. Love for coffee and love for a person ♥. One thing more I almost finished the coffee but I was thinking what food or where did I taste his cup. Did I (before?)? My daughter (surprisingly) answered me, “ma it taste like your banana cake and cupcake!” and I said that was it!!!! Now if you got the chance to have this one I bet this could taste like banana because the aroma is SUPER strong that it (maybe) can make you feel full. I didnt because me and my daughter share for the medium size. Over all my first experienced with banana capucinno was FUN, talking with my family while sipping makes me say I am really happy! ♥

Thanks for reading!


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