Posted by: foodtraveller | March 20, 2010

Another Chicken Soup for Dinner

hey another chicken soup!

Usually in Philippines’ old habit chicken soup are taken in the morning as breakfast. It is very good to eat in the morning since hot soup is really great for our stomach. How many times I found my self cooking it out during dinner. Maybe because my longer time to cook is at night.

for a change I choose this pasta

Here, I cooked fussili. I want to give credits to my husband who accompanied me to get those ingridients my kitchen lacks. Honestly I am surprised that he knows all pasta names (forgot that he works at the kitchen/restaurant station too!). The whole family enjoy (once again) my own version of chicken soup. Though the weather (*even at night) was as sizzling as the soup we ate, we still enjoy sipping every bit of it. Fussili pasta is bigger than the elbow pasta so expect it will need more water and flavor (to taste). I guess I already master this recipe. I also remember my father used to say, “why chicken soup?” In my mind my answer is “maybe that’s our comfort food.”

Thanks for reading everyone!


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