Posted by: foodtraveller | March 15, 2010

Library at McDonalds!

Mc Donalds, UST

My husband and I always mentioning how I love to have doughnut these past few days. I want all of them with no particular flavor (w/coffee). He gave me one and I feel unsatisfied so we went to a fast food chain w/ my daughter who just arrived from school. It is not usual that my husband will eat at this food chain branch since we regularly eat at home during lunch time.

Heres the observation my husband and daughter did: They were annoyed with the students of University of Sto.Tomas who occupied seats and table yes to eat but at the same time use the space for studying for like more than an hour or two to be precise. All the tables are full of books and scattered papers and I hardly see where my husband and daughter sat and had their table!?

this cute little thingie!

I order burger meal, spaghetti and chicken meal and for my daughter their famous happy meal. The toy is the only reason why we visited this chain. It sound childish but I want that cute little toy to my baby daughter. It will be part of her collection!

...and yes I mention she is my baby but literally she is no longer a baby!

As I and my husband at the cashier (where we ordered), I was annoyed with this two crews who has been giggling and tickles each other not listening as I declare my order that resulted to repeating it 3x! The line was long and that must be a sensitive issue. Anyway, we requested for “not leg part” for chicken and took us another 10minutes of waiting at the cashier. Okay, my wallet ran for P300.00 and I found it hard to believe that the service Ive got was poor.

MCDONALD'S unsatisfied customer! soggy spaghetti!

One thing more, the students. My husband kept on mentioning it this a new found library where it is allowed to eat and mess up? That is weird isnt it? But the ambiance was a shadow of my past where I am using a fast food chain to review my stuffs while eating because Im hurdling up my time and doing lots of multi-tasking. geeeee~ college life is the happiest for me! Then I notice my sick-observant husband just told me that he hates the spaghetti. Soggy and tasteless. I though he was literally sick so Ive tried it, IM SORRY IT WAS TRUE. He didnt finished his set of meal and I DID! Oh my … that doesnt mean it is satisfying but I hate wasting food. Its a statement.

unfinished meal that I ate!

We were done, its like the three of us is giggling like “let’s go out of the library!” and laughter and smiles were stated. Im sure the three of us had a great time talking how the exam is near and the classes to close. I told my husband (whom I forgot to say his first time experiencing the crowd since he is based EUROPE/U.S.A. most of his time) dont be annoyed its the real life here.

Happy reading everybody!


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