Posted by: foodtraveller | March 15, 2010

Buko Pandan & Hot Weather

Zagu, Savemore Nagtahan

buko pandan grande size Zagu & a sizzling hot weather!

I went to buy two stuffs at Savemore. After I drop by at the Zagu stall. I blog couple of Zagu flavors before regarding their coffee-powdered-imitations that I wasnt that satisfied. But I never stated that Zagu’s other flavors arent that good. And the proof is this grande size Buko Pandan flavor shake-smoothies. I dont normally ordered large one but what will I feel I want to serve my buds and body in recharge of icy beverage. I really wanted the melon or watermelon but at the back of my mind those are just powdered-imitation of some sort so what the heck choosing those kind if i can buy the the other smoothie thing at the nearby stall?! I feel satisfied. I finished it all. I added for additional pearl and I enjoyed. With the P48.00 price I feel chill… ~Yehey!

Enjoy reading and thank you!


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