Posted by: foodtraveller | March 10, 2010

I claimed my Chicken Sopas ~the best!

Chicken Sopas, the Filipino version of Chicken Stew

my chicken sopas! PROUD.

I know its not a good decision having a noodle soup in this sizzling day! But what will I do, I guess i need to make this. My husband has his sinusitis since morning. While he is out of the house I took the chance to visit the wet market as much as I hate to! Bought chicken, shaped pasta (we call it sopas in the Philippines) and some veggies (cabbage, carrots, string beans and caulliflower).

How it was cooked?
*we all has different way to do it but this is how I do it!
*** saute’ the onion and shallots (or onion) in vegetable oil. Add the chicken (I prefer meat part but my husband loves the bone part so I mixed it). After being contented to frying the chicken (dont burn it) add some cups of water, depends on how much you want it, but make an allowance for possible pasta bloating. As it boils, add the pasta. Wait to boil. When boil just stir. Put your fave herbs (like my fave oregano). Wait to boil. Add the veggies last. You may add milk (evaporated) w/c definitely is optional but kids love it! Then voila!!! Its done. Eat it! ♥

filipino version of Chicken noodle soup

My husband loves it. My daughter loves it. The whole family likes it, though my sister’s kids are scared to the veggies I put. I may not be the greatest chef in town but I will claim that my Chicken noodle soup is the best! My #1 honest critic (my baby daughter, now almost 10 years old) told me “I love it ma, I will love it forever!”

Okay, I believe her because whenever we bought an order of any soup outside (like restos) she always say, hhmmm nothing beats the original (while staring at me)! With a touch of LOVE we can cook everything!

Happy reading!


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