Posted by: foodtraveller | March 7, 2010

90% of TV Commercials arent TRUE!??

Pizza Hut, San Lazaro

Ive been a Pizza and Pasta fan all through out my life. I guess I could live without RICE forever. Pizza Hut has a special part on me because its where my first (double) date happen 1998, with a best friend and some memories. Fortunately he is my husband until NOW. I guess that is the coolest thing! Before choosing Pizza Hut, my daughter chose GREENWICH, but then again told her that it is better to choose Pizza Hut since we saw few people are there. My daughter wants a garlic bread and the cheesy pops that she often called the baby finger’s pizza (sorry, it really looks like baby fingers!)!

because Im too hungry I failed to got photos of some food & service

Okay, we order the pizza first and 1 appetizer which is the garlic bread. Then after 5mins we follow up order that includes 2 buddy pan (carbonara & beef macaroni), I order 2 drinks (specify: 1 ice tea and 1 pepsi), 1 appetizer (garlic bread) so that make me order 2 garlic breads (because I order 1 before) and 2 mushroom soups. After 2mins I order additional 1 ice tea. Im so time precise- thats my negative side. If you promise me 10mins it must be sharp. Their commercial w/ DIETHER OCAMPO (famous Filipino actor) says lot of things about the good service AND the 10min countdown.

everybody is smiling yes because it was something to remember but we silently hated the service of PIZZA HUT SAN LAZARO branch.

After 15mins or so the appetizer was in. My daughter and niece grabbed it. Then as far as I remember I asked them to give me an ice cold water (that’s free for sure). Then the Pizza arrived, I remember my daughter says yehey! After a while (I dont know how long anymore), the carbonara arrived w/ two pepsi. REMEMBER I requested for an iced cold water? Until that time drinking sodas we havent have the water yet. Then my beefy macaroni arrived, we follow up the other ice tea and the water. The iced tea arrived but not the water. My husband requested for a mustard and a ketchup (the mustard I understand it is more expensive than the ketchup but a bottle of ketchup must be at the table or must be a MUST included on your line/script offering something) but I heard the man in white uniform (waiters are in red uniforms, so this could be a superior employee) saying this ~

MY HUSBAND: Sir pwede pa follow up yung water at yung ketchup?
Employee in white uniform: ketchup? (he walked away w/o a glance, and talked like walking asking another man in red uniform like—) oh, ketchup daw!

My husband didnt react. I didnt too. But at the back of my mind I speak to my heart, why is they like that? I really want to know. I actually didnt finished my beefy macaroni because I found it burned and hard (my husband did eat it! He told me it is a waste of food). We didnt finished the Pizza and let it take home after we got the bill (almost P800). Oh what about the water? I ended up asking again in between our meal that “iced cold water“ . The waiter gave us cold water and the other glass wasnt that cold. I was upset, I admit. I remember my husband saying “di pala totoo yung nasa commercial” (the commercial wasnt true).. I am sad because I fight for this place while my daughter wants the other Pizza store. I should have listen to her. Mind me, I never got a smile on all their faces. My husband and I debate if we will still gonna give a tip. The receipt says they charged us a service charge while we didnt achieved the right customer service. I dont want to be mad anymore so I just walk away thinking what if I bumped into one of their waiters again and me, overhearing like “that’s the one who didnt give a tip”.

I know my husband. Recently we gave a total of P350.00 tip at the spa, I also remember him giving a waiter P200.00 after getting me a chair for my bag, and I find it hard to believe that he didnt want to give a tip! It only says that even generous people got sick if they didnt give you JUST service.

I tried this branch before and I admit that their service was really poor. The aircondition that time was not working too. I tried the Sta. Mesa branch, the Managers are so accomodating that I never asked for water they ask me one and gave me one ASAP (NOTE:w/ ice) ! I tried the Trinoma, the most smiling face branch I ever experience. I even buy a band (that will help others by giving a P100.00 donation to fight against food hunger) and gave that guy another P100.00 for his tip. I dont know if it is just me. I remember I already blog a think a photo blog or here at wordpress my experience w/ Pizza Hut, Megamall ~where the tables are so sticky messy and the place is dirty BUT the service is prompt and my waiter/s that time are so accomodating. I dont know I feel bad.

*I all claim that this blog IS true. It did happen. Exactly 12:08pm at SM SAN LAZARO and there was no fabricated stories here. As a lover of food, food art and SERVICE, yes I am observant. Yes no one is perfect. I just want to share (since this is my diary of my food venture & my life as well) to everybody that most commercial promises arent true.

Thanks for reading everyone.


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