Posted by: foodtraveller | March 4, 2010

Tired but Happy

Starbucks, Edsa Central

Espresso Frappuccino for me and Green Tea Frappucino for him

After the tired hours of driving here we go. My and his first time at this branch. I am happy because this is the very first time my husband freely choose something from a coffee shop with any negative remarks. She even choose a sandwich, went to the counter and order it himself. Happy.

I tasted this at other branch - My husband's sandwich: a wheat bread w/ bacon and egg

Wheat bread in bacon and egg: First I found it hard to believe why it was all burned? It tasted burned and became so brown. I want to put it back but my husband said it is okay. I already tried this to other branches that’s why I know there is something wrong in this bun. I tasted it. The bacon was hard too. Bad taste.

my comfort food!

ham and cheese croissant: And as a comfort food there would be no taste imperfections but I really have to admit that it was all burned. Really. As much as I want to bring that back I was so hungry and thirsty. It was like I last ate 10am and its already 6pm, so what will I do?

The frappucinnos are okay, I guess.

*we saw these group of people who are old sipping coffee that it was like a reunion. Funny. I want that too when I grow old.

Happy reading everyone!


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