Posted by: foodtraveller | March 4, 2010

His First Birthday (as far as I know)

Happy Birthday to my husband!

my husband on his birthday! Wearing my gift w/c I blog already

#28 his birthday

Ironically my title states: His first Birthday. Well its not his 1st birthday obviously, it’s just that it is his again then first ever birthday here with us after several years of enjoying or passing it by alone outside the country due to work constraint. There are no extra ordinary thing happen this day, just a simple dine out since we musnt celebrate that hard at all because it is also her Dad’s 1st Death Anniversary who died during his birthday and when he wasnt around. Some little talk with his mom and his sister.. and that’s it. I was happy too. Really happy. Okay we did went to church that Sunday not just for himself but primarily for his Dad. During the lunch we waited for a number and what a coincidence, they gave us #28 .. his birthday (Feb.28). We went home and talk a lot of stuff afterwards until an unexpected visitor came. Her sister and some friends. We went to sleep past 1am since we pigged out! Order some food since we dont have something to cook. Oh well, I love him.

happy happy happy

Thanks for reading everyone!


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