Posted by: foodtraveller | March 4, 2010


Tokyo Tokyo, San Lazaro

beef misono, tempura, some vegetable, pickle raddish and some sushi

My daughter requested for a tempura this day. I dont know how did she knew about tempura or where did she read it. I said okay but in one condition, she has to use chopstick. Yeah Im becoming weird as I aged but this is just a practical way of training my daughter and hug other culture too (in such an easy way).

Chopsticks are wooden utensil mostly used in China, Korea and Vietnam. There are lot of it in different form and I love to collect some in the near future. I love knowing Asian culture.

happy thoughts and happy face while teaching her some chopstick move. Im also aint a pro but sure I also would love to practice more.

Tokyo Tokyo is one Japanese fast food. It is cheaper than some restaurant but expensive compare to burgers. I hate raw food. I hate the smell and the taste. But I love the wasabi. The spicy paste that cleanse our palatte. I ate two, my baby ate one sushi and that’s it. The beef, I ate it all. My baby loves the tempura. I cant complain to the crews service only they dont smile at all. There are only few people eating that day that is why we had our table without a sweat. Consumer’s favorite is the beef misono. How will I know we seated in fron of the counter! My daughter is a lover of dessert and she chose the jelly mouse in pink. She told me it taste like candy, tasted it, and it taste and smells like an ice cream. She didnt finished it but went back on it after an hour to finished because its our ultimate rule, finished everything!

Aside from a great mindful thoughts, I am happy I am once again with my daughter, learning what she really like, love and hate. I love it.

Happy reading everyone!


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