Posted by: foodtraveller | March 4, 2010

Bag of Joy

Hershey’s chocolate
*Dark Chocolate with Almond
*Milk Chocolate with Almond
*Milk Chocolate

from whom I met today and my husband friend June

I never love overly sweet desserts and chocolates. Ive been a Pastry Chef/Cake Decorator for 2 years now and Im running on my 3rd year now but it seem I still need some YEARS to fixed my tounge. Oh well, I just cant imagine how will I ever finished a tobleron in a day? But my daughter can eat a bag of hersheys! But dont hate me people, I can eat my favorite Ferrero Rocher like 2-3 truffle-like-ball in a day and for me that’s a development!

bag of joy is my family, though for kids and some individuals its chocolates!

Some people equates happiness in eating chocolate and desserts but me, I found baggage of smile in my family. I will lie if I will say I had a perfect family, that everyday is a dream come true, that I dont have any worries at all. Yes, I had couple of wishes that one day will come true. But who cares about those odd moments? What matters most is the joy that these people bring.

When I was hospitalize my doctor asked me if I am diabetic, I answer absolutely NO. She ask me how sure I am, I dont know if this makes sense but I dont even want sweets. But I still did the test and it says my blood is normal. Some research states that your tongue reflects to who you are. Sweet tongue to romantic people and spicy to brave one. I dont know if its true, but I dont want to know.

Back to chocolates and joy, all I know is we must smile.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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