Posted by: foodtraveller | February 24, 2010

Fast food without Aircon?!?

Chowking, Espana

what the .....

Have you heard a fast food operating without an aircondition while its not brownout? Honest, Im truly amazed because CHOWKING has known for being systematic and organized when it comes to operation. I always see this branch and bought couple of Dimsum too but I found it so strange that I never seen their aircondition open. This day I truly want to catch management’s attention, why in the world would a fast food operates in a very very (and I mean very) hot summer weather without the convenience of a cold air?! Well atleast the electricfan (ceiling fan and about 2pcs of it) were open. I thought the aircon wasnt cooling but as I come closely it was OFF. Airconditioned room wasnt the only problem in this branch, so as the ambiance that was totally messy and the floors are too! The tables are uncleaned as I observed there are three people in blue uniform organizing the whole venue. I wonder why just three? The fourth people was the -I guessed the Manager. The security guard wasnt at the door more often. It is so professional when the security guard/s greeting you and opening the door for you PLUS the real security and protection against the bad people like the one we see in the movies – hold upers and bad men (thieves). But where are these security guards? They are busy wiping the tables, helping the suppose crew who must doing these job. Multi tasking is understandable but for me why risk customers security as well as this branch finances from bad men? We never know when they will attack! The second among the three was the cashier (the only one) in whom did couple of mistakes in punching amounts and orders (maybe because of little confusion). Our bill is P205.00 so we gave her P505.00 to gave us exact change P300.00. She still gave us P195.00. The line now went long because she has to call the Manager’s attention for wrong punching. She then again gave us a number #97 which went wrong, because our real number was #96. As the order came – YES, it is not our order. Things like that are forgivable but the aircondition? Yaiks. One of the main reason why people eat at fast food than some Carinderia (street stall) is the convenience of a cooler ambiance. It is like why do we have to take a cab instead of public jeepney? Answer: CONVENIENCE of a cooler environment. I hope this caches their attention.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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