Posted by: foodtraveller | February 24, 2010


Wendy’s, Nagtahan

the baconator was the heaviest beef burger Ive try!

At last Ive tried tasting Wendy’s beef burger! It has been showing on TV every minute plus it is all over the billboards. My husband went out around 11pm looking for baconator, and thats weird. Its like we are pregnant woman who was looking for cravings. And he went back home with 2 plastic bags of Wendy’s item. 2 salads and the “baconator”. I dont know why it is called baconator, oh well maybe because it looks like terminator. After eating this huge patty you must burned the calories the next morning thinking you must terminate that. Well, that is not the real explanation! Just a wild guess. The bun didnt get big but the beef patties are HUGE and thick. I cant even finish a single baconator. But I am looking for the bacon. For the word it self it must have some bacon. I wonder where they are? Thats weird??? Bacon Sandwich without a bacon? Or did they grind it so much that I cant see nor taste more of it anymore? The price? You will never believe it P216.00 (an average beef burger will just cost P75.00 *with same presentation and ingridients). But atleast as what I always tell everyone, IT IS A GOOD TRY! My cat even happy with the taste of beef patty. If I will still buy one? Yes maybe if I feel I want to die the next day or if I havent eat for quite some time OR if I just want a try again like pigging out!

eating almost midnight for a week now is like dying the next day thinking how will you ever burn those calories out! HELP!!!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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