Posted by: foodtraveller | February 23, 2010

The Joy of Eating Together

Northpark, San Juan

I am so happy that I got the chance to eat with my husband, daughter and niece this dinner. Its not on a fancy restaurant but as far as I can remember my husband wants to go back to NORTH PARK RESTO and eat, for a very long time (I mean very long time~ like a year or more?). So I grab the yellow directory and call the restaurant for a table reservation!

my husband, my daughter, my niece & me! taken by the timer camera!

I believe Chinese dish is always the safest cuisine to choose as you dont know what to expect in that restaurant (I blog that before). I had lot of entry here at wordpress regarding Chinese cuisine because me and the whole family has this passion over noodles, vegetables and dimsums. My baby who’s now almost 10y/o loves all kinds of dimsum. She even experiment on taste and sauces.

tea, chow mien, steam dimsum and siomai

We order a lot of familiar dishes ~maybe because we had kids with us and we cant explore braver stuffs. We talk about lot of things. We laugh about shallow thoughts. What made the ordinary extraordinary we tend to doscover new things from old stuffs. THE LITTLE TINY RING RING. If you need something you dont need to scream or wave your hands in the air to call the waiter’s attention, a single bell will do. And because we love the “ting” sound we love to just press it over and over (but out of respect, I told the kids not to, unless we need them). The table number will be posted on the counter, it is like the teller on a bank is posting your number to be called! COOL & MODERN.

watermelon & mango juice, fried rice, lapu lapu fish fillet and the tofu sauce

The enjoyment of being together matter. Imagine, for 8 months I eat alone, for 8 months my husband cant eat with us, in 8 months Im so down and weary thinking it could have been great if he is really with us on the table. Now that he is here with us, I am happy. So shallow but it is dream come true. I tend to appreciate whatever food is served, as long as we are all together eating, laughing and enjoying all the blessings of God.

People are asking me several times why do I have to take a shot of a lot of my food venture details? I just answer a simple thing. First its a commitment since I blog what I need to share. Second, I need to document my daughter’s food venture and a lot of documentation as I will post all these stories at a scrap book. This could also be what we all call MEMORIES.

me and my husband: same shirt policy! wow. what a dinner date!!!

We enjoy the food. I enjoy sipping the mango juice! The hot weather makes me feel finishing 2 orders of it. My husband’s favorite was the dimsum. The kid’s favorite was the Lapu-lapu fillet. Me? I love everything. Corny (and baduy) as it seem but I just love the way we all eat together.

*By the way we order another Chow Mien for my husband’s mom!

Thanks for reading everyone!


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