Posted by: foodtraveller | February 21, 2010

The Last try

Zagu, Starmall

i finished it in the midst of a terrible hot weather

My title is quite intriguing. Im not saying it will be my last buy at Zagu, but I undergone some test regarding Zagu~ if their coffee line really taste like coffee. I know its weird. I know its off to some but as a coffee lover like me I want to explore other taste for my options. I let everyone read it because it might be useful to some. These days people think BEST BUYS in town. This will help to lessen the stress of some thinking the “IF” and “WHAT” question. We should always value our money these days! Okay, I tried the Zagu Mocha. I think it will be my last taste test. Ive tried the Hazelnut Capuccinno and the Cafe Latte (in which I made review ~is that the right term? “review” ? Im not sure) and now the Mocha. I bought the smallest one again. But I dont know if its the weather or if its really my desire or mocha really is the greatest but : it taste a little of a coffee powder, like 20% or so! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I feel awkward. Im not claiming it taste like a real coffee but compare to the two powder this mocha thing of Zagu is the best. It might be the branch, it might be the crew or it might me be. I always tell my readers this is my diary. This is my own experience and my own food venture (or coffee adventure) and it doesnt represent any of an edifice but me as a person who always look for more. The weather isnt good for a hot coffee but a frap or a shake makes our buds satisfy. Now that I feel that my mission was through, Im satisfied. Its a great feeling! Food exploration really is the best risk. So there you go, enjoy sipping a cup of Zagu this summer ♥

Thanks for reading!!!


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