Posted by: foodtraveller | February 21, 2010

Food find in a Long & Hot day

MEISTER (Italian)

I dont know if this is what you call a date when you tend to be confused whether or not it is. We just went out for some office errands and paper works my husband needs to finished and then after (of course!) we went out. I told him lets just drink coffee and he then again refused. I dont know, thats the only thing I want that day (and yes in the midst of a very hot weather!) so I told him “okay you decide!”

Oh well, while waiting for him (he is talking to his boss here in the Philippines), I finished a book that I was reading few days ago (I just cant finished it since it is just quotable memoirs) and at the same time listening to my MP.. until I noticed that few people staring at me and for unknown reason? Oh geee.. so annoying. Is it the bag or the necklace I dont know.

The day we went out and pigged out

I also visited a friend at my old office where I formerly worked as a Bank Officer at Collection Department. I miss her so much. It is like we just exchange texts and thats it. I even missed my godson’s birthday party last January 2 because of work. It is also the first time he met my husband. Funny and happy day!

at MEISTER : beef stroganoff pasta, mash potato and 6 inch sub turkey sandwich

We ended up going to Glorietta in Makati. I dont like Glorietta now as much as I love them 10 years ago. So unorganized. An airconditioned Divisoria for me. People are cluttered everywhere. Lot of sale! But to my surprise those are odd pieces no one really wanted?!

And we ended up just eating. Honestly I only want croissant and that’s it. But I cant find one at the 3rd floor. My feet are tired and my husband would like to take a pause. I saw Meister. No one buy there. No lines (compare to other Italian slots). Maybe because it is a little expensive plus people (most) got scared to pronounce the dish as they will ended up idiot in front of other people. I think this reason is lame. No one will put you in jail if you cant pronounce the word boloignese at all! Oh well the price – pricey as it seem but a 3 dish ~a sandwich of your choice, pasta of your choice and side dish of your choice – its a bargain for me (P135.00 or around $3.00). Yes it is kinda scary that what if you choose the wrong pasta sauce because you arent familiar on the dish’ name? My advice? EXPLORE. I believe and always believe if you got a wrong plate just enjoy and charged it to experience! At least you know.

I ordered beef stroganoff (though I want a red sauce) just to enjoy the difference between a carbonara and stroganoff. I ordered a turkey sandwich (though I want hungarian sausage) and a mashed potato in mushroom gravy (though I want spicy potato in dill). I explore. I took the risk of fighting over what I really like to explore some food. Again, I enjoy the food. I did find some flaws though at the mashed potato (KFC is better) because it lacks butter (lucky me) that is the main source taste PLUS from the word “mashed” it must be properly mashed and milled .. it is not, I tasted some little bits of local potato. The gravy is good IF it is hot. The pasta taste good but no extra ordinary spark. The sandwich is HUGE (6″) it will be a good buy for a starving individual.

at MAGIC WOK ORIENTAL: Mixed seafood with brocolli

My husband (again we are opposite) ordered something related to Oriental dish. Then he found siopao (around P25.00 or $.50)and this bowl of Mixed seafoods with 2 pcs of tiny brocolli (P90.00 or $2.00). I also tasted it. Im so intrigue with the sauce that flows on top of the rice- it is sweet and I mean so sweet! If he likes it, I guess so, he is a seafood fan (but that’s it) .. He didnt want to further comment extra for the taste. He didnt even finished the rice.

I observed, the line at this stall- Magic Wok was long compared to Meister. I know one particular reason, aside from being affordable I found Oriental food close to our hearts and mind. It is familiar in our taste buds that we tend to strike opinion on our brain that it is worth since we will enjoy familiar food. If you fall in line to a stall and ordered a food that you will still guess if its delicious or not we always think that its the worst decision of the day – finding out your money all gone for a bad taste.

But I think some research and food risk is all worth. I advice everyone to taste everything. Me: I always research on food that I seldomly hear and after finding out its origin and how it is cook (the recipe per se) I got to feel better. The person taking the order always know what is inside the dish. Why not asking what is stroganoff (before you ordered), how was the sauce and what meat was used? There’s no rule in the universe that -asking questions (simple questions in a very respectable manner *key word*) isnt a crime and hope that’s clear.

I enjoy my food, I enjoy being with my husband, and I enjoy that I am a part of his day where I also got to meet his acquiantance and he met one of my loyal friend!

Happy reading everyone! Thanks 🙂


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