Posted by: foodtraveller | February 18, 2010


Pingyao is actually a Chinese City who actually onced called as wall city. I was actually inspired with Martin Yan upon cooking Pingyao’s usual food. It was basically all simple vegetable like carrots, celery, onion, bell peppers, some spices like salt and pepper and some amount of ginger and garlic w/ soysauce, vinegar and oyster sauce.

shop for some ingridients with my daughter

I want to surprise my husband. I want him to have something he can have for dinner so I chose Pingyao and Lumpia both from China with almost the same ingridients.


I carefully wash all the veggies and dry them up. Preparations of this food is very stressful. Everything has to be identical. All are julianne and carefully cooked. I needed to add some ground pork and chicharo (thin beans) for some added flavor and fusion but Pingyao originally doesnt have one. This is just intended for side dish in China.

and there you go! My husband and my daughter LOVES it!

I presented this to our dinner. I was almost an hour late from our normal dinner time, but I love how my family loves it. It was gone and done! My husband was surprised. I am also surprised my daughter loves it. My sister even requested for some left over for her lunch tomorrow. I mean that was so COOL. First time I presented Pingyao and they like it.

I guess we must not be afraid to experiment and take time to just try other dishes in our kitchen. I tried Italian so much, some Spanish cuisine, more Chinese dishes.. what else can I have? Maybe Japanese and Greek, Thai or Indian perhaps… whatever will be my next journey I will definitely perfect the what you call food travel inside my own kitchen!

Thanks for reading everyone!!!


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