Posted by: foodtraveller | February 18, 2010

Lets go Chinese


beef chao fan, chicken congee, beef mami and mantao

After a calming therapy of soul, mind, heart and body we ate out the same day. Originally I just want some coffee and croissant but my husband just cant say YES. He aint a coffee drinker and he hates coffee ambiance. He is always a fan of Chinese dishes. I asked him “okay, what do you really want to eat?” and he is like I want “MAMI” (noodles).. And since I also is craving for an “AROZCALDO” (congee) for the past few weeks, I did ordered for a chicken congee and he ordered for his beef mami or beef noodles.

pineapple juice and gulaman juice for each of us!

Okay, I finished the congee, it is good. I love my black gulaman though the sweetness was I cant handle (my sweet tooth always failed). My husband enjoyed his mami with a touch of spicy though he told me noodles are quite hard and old already but its a human thing that if you like something even if its not worth you still tend to embrace the fact that you must like it!

What was our present for the kids? Brownies. Every kids ultimate comfort food! And it was like 5 kids at home (my daughter and 4 kids of my 2 sisters) dig in the box!!!

chocolate brownies in assorted presentation

The fact that me and my husband enjoy the food, the giggles and the talk so much, I can be okay to where ever he wants me and my daughter to be. Thank God we are always together on his vacation and he is always with my daughter in school. His vacation will be my most memorable. Really. I mean it. Go 2010!

Thank you very much for reading!!!


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