Posted by: foodtraveller | February 14, 2010

And yeah it is a “special day” !

Starbucks, San Lazaro

celebrated at the coffee shop

After some errands we went to the coffee shop. I consider this day as a small celebration of our monthsary (anniversary that we celebrated every month). Though he didnt declared it directly he agreed to stop at the coffee shop and talk. Honestly he isnt a fan of coffee. He doesnt even like staying at the coffee shop. But because he also wants to be with me he just go and kept quiet. Whenever our monthsary date will arrived I feel nervous if he will remembers it and yes he always remember for the past 13 years of being married to each other. (152th monthsary) … romantic isnt it? (LUCKY ME)

he captured my heart!

I took couple of pictures for this sweet day (remembrance). He wants a bun of hotdog and starbucks dont cater that. So I order my fave croissant and espresso, order him an orange juice from Florida’s. He cracked lot of jokes this day. Actually it is not a joke but more of a normal conversation that started out noticing some starbucks clients that stayed that I believe annoyingly stayed the place occupying 3-4 seats per pax. He said why is that these people are there to order a single cup of coffee and stayed for more than 2 hours or so, and yet they dont finished the cup asap.

the bag ~ his gift! (I LOVE IT!)

Amazingly we finished ours like 20 minutes. I told him starbucks are actually a good place for students like them reviewing. As long as they arent nuissance to other customers and bought a coffee or anything from this coffee shop, its a no big deal (I guess?). And that he cant understand. So as he kept on cracking some humorous observation I continuously laugh so hard and giggle! I dont know, I feel like laughing and my eyes are teary since I laugh that hard!

its dull and I dont know why, but if you can just see my heart! IN LOVE.

Oh well, I love what he gave me. I love what he said to me. The Chanel Bag from U.S.A. is a BOMB! A simple bag will do but this is greatest among all bag that I received. The things he old me was a great deal also. I love him also. Our daughter will always be our true love. I will still say that we dont believe in happy endings because we believe in true love (in which we already found ~ each other) because true love doesnt have happy endings it stays forever and never ends!

Thanks for reading everyone!
Be in love everyday! SMILE 🙂


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